Energy efficient fine dining

Area 86
Materials glass / steel / CLT
Price 4/5
Year 2019

Project caption

The Olhus forest bar/restaurant concept was initially created for a location with a lot of wild and domesticated fauna.

Our team initially utilized one of our proven geometric concepts, but later added a number of moving panels that act as a rudimentary defensive mechanism. With it, particularly curious native forest dwellers wouldn't be able to disturb the visitors of the Olhus.

As with many other projects of this type, we have decided to use tall glass windows that visually eliminate one of the barriers between the interior and the exterior of the building.

The interior of the restaurant is continuous and undivided throughout the building. The central position is occupied by a large bar table, made of solid wood. The concept of openness is also applied to the kitchen zone - it is entirely open to the visitor's eye.

Rather than turning this object in a hotel canteen, we propose to limit the amount of seating spaces to 12. The proposed usage of bespoke furniture would complement the unusual status of the location, while ample space between tables creates a more intimate environment for the guests, wherever they are seated.

What's special about this project is that it is fully capable to assume a role of a standalone restaurant. Thanks to the inclusion of solar panels and geothermal heat pumps this facility is mostly autonomous from the power grid.

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