YORK house

A unique recreation hub for a bigger team

Area 200
Materials glass / steel / CLT
Price 5/5
Year 2019

Project description

The design of the YORK house came as a continuation of the initial idea, realized in SOL house. According to the design, this secluded and very spacious house is located on a slight incline on the edge of the forest. As with other Alex Nerovnya Architecture projects, we used simple geometry shaped in an unusual manner, this time utilizing a common gable roof.

Situated on the forest edge, YORK house strives to give its residents a sense of connection with the wild environment. Multi-leveled terraces allow the visitor's to spend quality time outdoors, while massive sliding glass doors blend the interior with the exterior of the building.

The centerpiece of the design is a three-storey block of guest accommodations, incorporating 4 separate bedrooms complete with bathrooms. Here the desired location on an incline hill comes into play – the panoramic bedroom windows are designed to provide residents with stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

YORK house
YORK house
YORK house

The central block visually splits the building in two, which makes a common gable roof solution look fresh and different.

On the inside the majority of surfaces are finished with veneered wooden panels, allowing for a more liberal use of diffused light inside the house.

The YORK house project was created as a vacation destination for big families or groups of friends, whose idea of a weekend is to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan areas. Four bedrooms accommodate up to 8 guests, while ample space inside and outside of the house allows everyone to relax and spend their time the way they dreamed during the workweek.

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